Let go of the Mystery and bring in the Magic!


Come and work with Madeleine and her beautiful horses

In Topanga Canyon, California.


Animals have natural intuition and communication amongst each other, and all species.

We humans have tended to grow away from our natural senses. However, many are now hearing the call to reconnect with Nature and Natural life.


Madeleine works both privately, and with a few small groups, to share the wonder of being close to the magnificent Horse.


This is not necessarily a riding time, but often time to learn to be comfortable around horses and to explore the emotions that they bring forward.


You will learn to read and to understand the language of the horse..

Watch them interact with each other, and with you.

Work with them, loose in the arena, and learn to DANCE with them !


You will find that the presence of horses will open new areas of awareness in your own journey. You will be assisted in whatever comes forward for you.


Your intuition will start to open more and more as you learn to  let go of preconceived ideas, and allow forward

“what wants to happen”.


Touch, sound and feelings will move you into new possibility.


Madeleine and her horses will not rush you through

the sharing, and only a few areas will be covered

at one time.


Being with animals requires being centred

and patient.

Gather a few friends and form your own

ongoing group.


Take time to rest and rejuvenate

No sudden movements please.



You can actually get on a horse !

Madeleine specialises in working with a bareback pad only so that the riders balance and inner body wisdom can be brought forward.

The horses seem to enjoy the deeper connection of feel that being ridden this way brings forward for both horse and rider.


You may also explore what is called ‘ground work’, where you don’t ride, but work with the horse both on a lunge line and free. Great understanding of the horse’s spirit and movements comes through this work.


These are usually Private lessons and are available for four legged and two legged students.


1 310  455  1868    info4mrm@yahoo.com